Reverse IP

To provide a good reverse IP service, you need a huge domain name database and a dedicated team. Luckily, we have both and can now offer you a versatile tool.

Our source database is one of the giants: it contains 625+mln domains in all gTLDs, ccTLDs and new TLDs (such as .club .google, etc).

With our reverse IP service, you can:

Wait, There's More to Reverse IP Lookups!

To help you protect our brand, we can run regular checks (by keywords) in our domain database to detect any misuse of your trademark (eg setting up websites with your trademark name for online selling of counterfeit goods). If you suspect any infringement, we can find out who the domain owners are, and through our reverse IP and reverse Whois tools, you will be able to check all their domains for potential infringements and monitor their IP addresses for future misconduct if you wish. In case the IP addresses are hidden behind CDNs, you can use our reverse NS service to find all domains under the same name servers.

To help you choose a hosting company, we can run a reverse IP check for you so you can see who your shared hosting neighbours will be and choose what serves you best.

With our reverse IP/NS service, you can do any research you fancy: B2B research, market research, finding all websites hosted by a hosting company or all domains with a parking provider, etc.

Try out our reverse IP service now to find out everything it can tell you!

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